Wat Don Chan initiative of Our M6 Students

2nd September 2017 6 students in attendance at Wat Don Chan

Eun Joo

Everyone arrived at the appointed time we began our morning with some of the children of Wat Don Chan.

Because the modern person is so wrapped up in their lives, they oftentimes don’t remember to meditate on the many who are the less fortunate.

It was with great pleasure that I was able to assist my students when they came to me to ask for help in having this initiative at Wat Don Chan become a reality.  Truth be told, it has been a few months of start-stop preparations; mainly due to the hectic schedules of everyone.  But we realise that being part of the privileged set means we also have inherited the mantle of social responsibility.

This reminds me of the bible quote from Saint Matthew 25:35 “For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in;…”  and also the quote from Buddha’s teaching of the “First teaching or First perfection”  that of “Charity or Giving”.

Thus on a sunny Saturday morning, we went to engage with the students at Wat Don Chan.

As this was our first visit, we wanted to just engage the students at the level of play.  And it helped that we had sweets.

We played a few games and managed to “sneak” in some teaching.

All of us are looking forward to going to Wat Don Chan again. Join us.


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9th September 2017 6 students in attendance at Wat Don Chan

Xiu Xiu

Everyone arrived at the appointed time we began our morning with the P6 children of Wat Don Chan.  However mixed in were some P4, 5 and M1 and 2.

Our agenda today was to administer the Onet primary tests for Science, Mathematics and English.  We proceeded with only Science as it was deemed the most suitable for the children’s level.  Math and English were withdrawn although we had printed the test paers.

Wam-up activity; counting using the “grab your friend to make up the required answer”.  The children were introduced to a slightly more difficult variation where they had to listen to the English language being used.

Example; There were 2 cats that ate 3 mice, how many animals were there in total?  Although a little bit more challenging, the WDC students could grasp what we were trying to accomplish.  Following that warm-up activity, we went right into the test.

All 4 students present participated in coaching the students.

Kookik seemed to be most at ease and clear and therefore the children seemed to gravitate towards him.

The language of communication was mainly Thai.

So Nozaki managed to assist to translate for me my main message to the WDC children which is that we need the English language to become world citizens and that we can use technology to assist us to accomplish the learning of the English language.


[more pictures…WDC 9th September 2017]