Message from Brother Director

On behalf of Montfort College, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all teachers, parents, and students to the 2019 Academic Year.

I would also like us to consider our school as a big family, where everyone is a member. Each of us has a different role, but we all share the same goals: to maintain a positive and productive learning community, create a fulfilling environment full of love and synergy, and to establish a place where each of us can develop ourselves into more charitable and righteous individuals.

This academic year will mark Montfort College’s 88th anniversary. According to Chinese culture, the number 8 is a very auspicious number, and I anticipate a prosperous year ahead. In addition, the board of directors and I have agreed to commence the celebration of our 90th anniversary and we would like to encourage all stakeholders to:

  • Look back at the past with contentment and gratefulness, whilst striving to uphold our virtuous intentions and maintain further progress
  • Focus on the present, employing self-analysis and a global perspective suitable for our rapidly changing world
  • Look ahead to the future by utilizing shared goals, strategic planning, and our own valuable and unique skillsets found in all Montfort College departments to ensure ourselves as leaders in quality education with the ability to adapt to the changes and social needs of our time

May God, Mother Mary, and St. Louis Marie de Montfort bless all members of Montfort College, both past and present, who have devoted themselves to establish and maintain quality education, inspire a sense of unity, and support future generations in a productive and sustainable manner.

Brother Surakit Srisrankulwong, Ph.D
Director of Montfort College