Message from Brother Director

Since the inception of Montfort College in 1932, the school has been educating and developing all dimensions of our student’ potentials and talents.

In addition, other success stories of Montfort College quality education, academic excellence and learning activities have been and are being acknowledged as the most prominent trademark of quality internationally, especially English Programme.

So that, Montfort College would like to inform and promote English Programme’s news:

  • language learning and teaching
  • the effective use of technologies
  • policy-making
  • to develop and distribute leading-edge material and strategies for enhancing second language education and thus create a more articulate, literate, multicultural and internationally effective citizenry
  • programme development in terms of Calgary
  • school outreach that is significant for the success and implementation of revise second language with native speakers supplemented by overseas students exchange programmes.

All this is especially important for greater student’s learning activities and student’s outcomes.

From now on, I would like all of you open the school’s website and welcome and contribute towards our NEW ENGLISH PROGRAMME’S AMOSTSPHERE AND ETHOS.

Finally I would like to thank all EP staff and parents for their “concerted efforts” which will greatly benefit our students.


Brother Dr. Sakda Sakonthawat, Ph.D.

Director of Montfort College

July, 2017.