Why choose Montfort College English Programme?

Each class has a maximum of 30 students with the current average class size standing at 21. Our Home-room teachers make an effort to get to know their students. With both Thai and foreign teachers, our students get to benefit from interacting with a wide variety of cultures thereby understanding differing perspectives better. The teacher to student ratio stands at 1:12.

The school has one of the world’s best teaching programmes in the EP with the University of Cambridge’s Checkpoint, IGCSE and “A” level programmes being offered from grade 7 through to 12. Additionally we offer our students preparatory classes for the IELTS, CUTEP, O-Net and other tests. In addition we focus on learning both the English and Chinese languages at a high level. The standard of the IELTS is such that 7 students attained at least a 6.5 in the academic year 2016. For the Chinese language the students sit for the Confucius Youth Test or CYT run by the Confucius Institute of China (Hanban).

The school offers many beneficial educational events for the students to make their learning experiential; such as leadership workshops where the students have hands-on practice of acquiring leadership skills, communication across cultural differences to assure successful connection skills between different cultures and career guidance counselling.


Experiential learning plays an important role in the Montfort College English Programme. We do this by offering opportunities for students to practice the skills they have acquired in a safe environment. One such example is the student led and run EP Family Day. We also provide our students with the opportunity of studying abroad to experience different cultures and environments. The annual EP Global Trips & Exchange Programmes offer a variety of opportunities to our students, with multiple destinations to choose from, such as Australia, China or the U.S. for example, to learn, understand and accept differences and develop a high regard for being responsible. Understanding the consequences of their actions and having the resilience to withstand setbacks and the open-mindedness to adopt various new skills and thinking, all these will greatly enhance our students’ being able to carve a path on the international way.

In order to prove that our students are capable of attaining international standards, we offer assessments to evaluate our students’ performance on their fundamental studies through tests like ONET and CU-TEP, which are provided to grades 9 and 12. Other examinations are the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) which offer subject matter specialty tests.

The Montfort College English Programme provides a quality education with internationally accepted standardized tests in a thorough, consistent and multi-cultural environment for both Thai and foreign students.