Montfort College English Programme


Montfort College Chiang Mai Thailand is a private school established by the Brothers of Saint Gabriel, Thailand, a Catholic Institution with deep historical roots of service to the people and education for the young. Established on the 16th of March 1932, it is located at 19/1 Montfort Road, Montfort Villa, Tha Sala, Amphoe Mueng, Chiang Mai, 50000, contact number (053) 245-571, School Website

The Brothers of St. Gabriel have served the community and the nation through providing quality education for as long as 85 years. The goal of Montfort College is to provide students with a quality education while developing students who are hard workers with high moral standards. In addition Montfort College students are trained not only to always make the right decisions but also to grow up healthy. EP is also developing students who are tri-lingual, Thai, English and Chinese.

The celebration of God’s creation in the school’s slogan “Labor Omnia Vincit” or “work conquers all” beautifully encapsulates the philosophy of St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort’s thinking.

Currently Montfort College Chiang Mai, Secondary Section, provides an all rounded education to their students. The target educational levels are grades 7 to 12. Or Mathayom 1 to Mathayom 6. We have approximately 3300 students in both a Regular Programme and an English Programme.

The English programme, or EP, was introduced in 2003 from grades 7 – 12 where the medium of instruction is largely in the English language. Each grade is divided into 2 classrooms for a total of 12 classrooms in the Montfort College English Programme. There are 22 teachers in the programme with16 of our dedicated teachers being foreign. The countries they represent are the United Kingdom, United States of America, Philippines, Poland, India, China and Singapore. We have currently 245 students studying with us in the EP with each class having a maximum of 30 students. The current average class size is 21. Students in the EP come from various nationalities; China, Japan, and Korea. Each class has a foreign teacher, and a Thai teacher, as their Home-room teacher.

The teaching programme for grades 7 – 9, for both groups A and B, are general science focused studies taught by subject matter specialists. For grades 10 – 12, the students elect to study in either the Business Arts stream or the Science Stream. Both Streams have 1 class each in the 3 upper Mathayom levels.

Long-Term Vision

The School for Eternal Wisdom

Short-Term Vision

Montfort College is managed and administered to international standards, serving as a model to other educational institutes. It encourages personnel to reach their potential in all areas, so they can live in society and in the midst of their surroundings with responsibility and happiness.

School Philosophy

Montfort College is a school under the administration of the Montfort Brothers of Saint Gabriel, who are faithful to the moral, steady and enduring spirit of St. Montfort. Therefore the school abides by his philosophy, according to his life, teachings and example:

  1. The ultimate aim in life and in education is to attain truth, which is the origin of life.
  2. All mankind can develop their lives by cultivating the value and dignity of hard work with diligence and perseverance – LABOR OMNIA VINCIT – The Latin proverb literally translates, “Work conquers all things”.

School Characteristic

Fulfilled, Warm, Charitable, Moral, Universal Character

School Identity

Educational Management Based on St. Montfort Way